On the build . . .

Within the next month or so,  my writing career will be all about business. My business, that is.  Although my specialty for most of the past twelve years has been writing about real estate and homebuilding, I also now write on women’s issues as Examiner.com’s LadyBoomer Examiner and run a writing business that includes helping people and companies with their corporate newsletters, white papers, professional (print and online) profiles, ghostwriting, web content, book and article editing and all manner or PodCast and Web cast scripting.

To make my web site name reflect the more comprehensive writing venues just listed, I have decided on Ultimate Communic8or (communic8or.com) for my new web site name and brand and logo, which are being being determined by various and sundry experts as I write this.  So stay tuned for all the new “stuff” that goes with having a professional web site designer, graphic artist, business manager and career consultant help grow a career that has too long been left to chance.  In the weeks and months to come, I hope to emerge from my cocoon to do what I was born to do in more abundance — write like a madwoman!

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me at examinerdena@gmail.com regarding personal or corporate projects, as none are too small or too big for my consideration. I am also available as a speaker for your events, having functioned as a trainer and speaker in the real estate industry for five years.  As soon as my new web site is up and functioning, a fresh link will be added to my Examiner.com pages and we’ll be good to go!


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