Shifting gears . . .

Call me eclectic where writing is concerned, but just call me.

Teaming up with the talents of MGR Consulting and Michelle Gamble-Risley, co-author of the new soon-to-be-best-seller , Second Bloom, I will be using 2009 as my springboard year for a more robust menu of writing genres.  My recent appointment as’s Lady Booomer Examiner is opening up all kinds of new and challenging writing worlds for me.  In addition to what you see online, I write corporate newsletters, white papers, PodCasts, web content, books on real estate and housing and contribute to women’s books designed to both empower and help us reinvent ourselves at any age.

To aid in this new and exciting change, I have chosen another, more all-inclusive name for my website-to-be:!!!  Stay tuned for the web site’s creation, regular newsletters to my subscribers and an entirely new and professional feel to my writing services, projects and passions.  My goal is to gain national and international exposure and alliances in 2009.

For my writing services, feel free to contact me in the meantime at

Thanks for your patience and stay along for the ride!!


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