Having a bunch of fun here . . .

I’ve got to say that this Examiner.com gig is a hoot.

I can literally write about anything I feel is worthy within the housing industry, find an eye-catching photo, and give it an edgy title. Then I can sit back and see how many thousands of hits I get all over the country.  What a trip!! Thank you for the clicks . . .  Of course, that’s what’s great about my subject matter — housing.  Housing can encompass everything from design to construction to decor to windows, doors and roofs and everything in between.  The topics are limitless!

Stay tuned for my upcoming product reviews after I attend the exciting International Building Show in Las Vegas in mid January.  What is so thrilling is being able to tell you about cutting edge innovations to every day things for the home — like washers and dryers that talk to one another and radio-frequency-controlled lighting systems. The systen of which I speak actually permits you to place a light switch on a sliding door, or anywhere you want in your house and have a remote control in your car for when you pull up the driveway to turn on the lights as you arrive!!

This is the stuff that the  media, builders and tradespeople get to see at trade shows, but the information doesn’t trickle down to the consumer and become affordable for a few years down the road.  Now YOU are going to be there with me as I walk the trade show floor!

I encourage my readers to make topic suggestions: things you think the average consumer needs to know, watch out for, would find fascinating, and from which they could benefit.  Send your ideas to REritr@aol.com until I get an Examiner.com email address.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!


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